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       My ITALIAN Therapy

My Book,  "My ITALIAN Therapy" is available on Amazon Kindle. 
Check it out, its a page turner! Relating to Self Care, Addiction, Anxiety, Dealing with Fear, Disease and Illness.

I share Photos throughout Italy, Poems, Stories, and Great Information on how to Change Your Life One Step At A Time.

The book is written backward for a reason. You will see as it all falls into place and answers many questions regarding our daily challenges.

Join me for A Journey of a Lifetime, Discovery of Self.

Thank you,

gina  😊

The wait is over. "My ITALIAN Therapy" is here! Informative, entertaining, a page turner bringing peace, therapies and pieces of Italy as you center yourself. Unbelievably life changing one step at a time.

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Truly A Must Read For Everyone Pursuing a Well-Lived Life

Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2020

"Although Gina brilliantly shares her rebirth into a full life after a diagnosis of breast cancer as a young woman in her mid-thirties, her approach to life this event stirred within her has universal appeal, inspiration, and specific recommendations for anyone seeking to pursue a meaningful and spiritual life. Gina’s own story on breast cancer and codependency with a drinking alcoholic will provide courage for others to find their own voice in same or similar situations. Ultimately, this is a book that is a joy to read as it captures the imagination of what is truly wanted in life and encourages the reader to walk forward in the path toward enlightenment. I could not put this book down and will re-read it when my spirit needs a boost. Bravo, this book has my highest recommendation."

Glenda Weaver