Gina Fiore has traveled extensively throughout Italy for many years tasting the delights of all seasons, experiencing the culture, people, food, sights and sounds through her lens and words. While living in Rome she wrote "My ITALIAN Therapy" feeling close to her families Italian roots and feeling a pull to be in the moment as the book revealed itself. "To travel for me is to be in the moment, to write while traveling is heaven to me."

Her book My ITALIAN Therapy confronts a dramatic lifestyle change after a cancer diagnosis. Gina takes what could have been a tragedy, and still is for some, turning it into a gift and a life changing lesson.

"From Illness and addiction to a life of abundance and joy." Is what she says, "Cancer did not take from me it woke me up and gave me a life I did not have."

Join her as she shares poems, quotes and her story of hope she wishes to share with anyone who has ever had an addiction, disease or illness.

"There is life after cancer and addiction and it can be better than you ever dreamed." . . .


As My ITALIAN Therapy unfolded over the months in Italy, there was a muse, a constant companion by my side, Mycheal and Jeff Danna's A CELTIC TALE. How fitting, that a compilation of healing one’s life from deep within the soul would be written in Italy and come Full Circle whilst listening to Celtic Music.

Unbeknownst to me at the time the very soul of My ITALIAN Therapy was becoming intertwined with A CELTIC TALE forevermore.

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