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Updated: Dec 31, 2020


A Healing A Feeling Some Peace Some Quiet Foreboding Imploding To Forgive Releasing Intriguing A Cleansing Opening Up Letting go of worry Expectation Letting go of all things Prayers Remembering The Blessing The Curses The Pain Let it go Cause you know If you don't You do not grow Take it in The Blessing again Your Kin And Everywhere And all you have been Drink it up That abundant cup Learn from it Grow from it Share what you learn So it can bless others For it's ok To admit delay When you get stuck Or in a rut A stagnant place Sometimes we face Our body's ill Beyond our will We push and squirm It's Uncomfortable To Confirm We need work Everyday To make our way Life is tough Very Rough But in it's grace Beyond the shadows There's a trace Healing comes In fits and starts We need faith To Believe That beyond the pain We always gain The world abounds In infinite downs Each day a new Our resolve comes through Take just a step It will renew A tattered soul From taking the whole Our spirits worn We feel forlorn Do not give up It's round the bend That Light It's so bright Beckoning us in To Stop Take Heed It's what we need To Stop Again Regroup Within The peace it comes Uneventful Without Fanfare Unaware It sneaks in We know not how Or through what cracks Which seep in light Through darkness Where there was no sight Thank God for faith Our spirits soar Beyond the pain Beyond the war Beyond the gates Of heaven door For life is now We Celebrate Our blessings all We heed the call . . . ~ gina fiore december 26, 2013~

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