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Participating in Archeological Digs in the Texas Hill Country,

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The Hill Country here in Texas is a plethora of limestone, flint, 10,000 BC Native American Kitchens as well as shells and other finds that will captivate. You'll never be bored here.



Excavating Our True Selves Excavation is messy work To dig Uncover Through dirt and time It's a process that cannot be rushed Great patience Great pain Great suffering Through all the debris Through years Through heartache Through joy To uncover our true selves Is indeed a messy process Grief and tears Through many years We become who we are By no mistake of the maker In and out of our lives Comes family, friends, love and loss Excavation in it's truest form Creates the archeologist Time sculps our souls Through nothing short of experience Choices and love We reach out from the dark To capture just a bit of light from this world In our short time encapsulated In layers of self It takes a strong achiever To unbury and expose the soul As we let go of layers upon layers of time We open ourselves up to the outside Making us vulnerable to the elements of change To touch and be touched To share and heal and grow Letting our tender heart and soul be free again As the archeologist within us Excavates and releases part of who we were Who we are meant to become emerges one moment at a time One layer at a time One heart at a time We again let the light of Love in to melt away What has been frozen in time Letting the light of love wash us clean To our very core in order to be seen

~gina fiore Feb. 21, 2014


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